Core Foam Insulation in Miami, FL

If you need core foam insulation services in or near Miami, FL, you want to work with the expert team at Installed Building Products of Miami. Our years of experience working with homeowners, contractors, builders and business owners mean that our team members are equipped to tackle any insulation project, from retrofits to new construction, with excellent products, craftsmanship and customer service.

Reach out to IBP of Miami today to get started on your core foam insulation project, or read on to figure out whether core foam is the right choice for your needs.

What Is Core Foam Insulation?

Also known as injection foam, core foam insulation is quite similar to spray foam insulation in that it is applied in a wet form before drying in the space to be insulated. Unlike spray foam, injection foams are designed to be inserted into interior spaces, don’t expand as they dry and don’t off-gas (as it would be a safety hazard to seal away off-gassing insulation when you couldn’t be certain you weren’t trapping gas).

Core foam insulation thus refers to injecting a wet foam mix, not unlike shaving cream in consistency, into enclosed cavities in existing walls and other similarly sealed structures where it dries in place and creates a very effective insulating barrier.

Benefits of Core Foam Insulation

Core foam insulation installed correctly offers a high R-value per inch and a highly effective air seal against heat exchange, vapor and noise. It also works as a physical barrier discouraging pests and anything else that might occupy or pass through your walls. With a solid air seal, you can expect to see :

  • Improved humidity control
  • Elimination of draftiness
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Prevention of mold and pests

To learn more about the benefits of coe foam insulation, contact IBP of Miami today at (305) 929-8657 or online.

When Is Core Foam Insulation Best?

Core foam insulation makes sense in any scenario where you want to greatly improve the insulation of a sealed cavity, such as existing walls in a home with old or inadequate insulation. A quick injection of core foam insulation can be added to your existing walls without major remodeling or the removal of existing insulation. Core foam insulation results in a superior seal and insulation compared to something like blown-in cellulose.

Core foam can be used for exterior walls and interior walls as needed, but it’s primarily used to create or improve the external air barrier of your home or business. You can think of it as providing similar benefits to spray foam insulation without leaving a visible coating or requiring heavy work on your walls to gain access.

Let the IBP of Miami team help you figure out whether core foam insulation is the right pick for your needs. Contact us online or at (305) 929-8657 to hear more.

Why Choose IBP of Miami for Core Foam Insulation Services?

IBP of Miami delivers a wealth of benefits to residents of the area, whether you’re looking at core foam insulation services or any of our other offerings. The IBP family of companies stands as one of the nation’s premier providers of residential insulation. As part of that family, we benefit from institutional expertise, effective supply lines and best-in-class guarantees, estimates and services.

Reach out to IBP of Miami today to learn more about why we’re the best insulation contractor for your project.

Get an Insulation Installation Quote Today

Heard enough about core foam insulation to make your decision? Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, contractor or business owner, effective and correctly installed insulation is crucial to protecting your investments.

Reach out to us today at (305) 929-8657, or contact us online, and discover the full extent of what Installed Building Products of Miami can offer you for core foam insulation or any other insulation project.  

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