Professional Fiberglass Insulation Contractor in Miami–Dade, Monroe & Broward Counties

Technician installing fiberglass batt insulation in attic ceiling.Do you need an insulation installer to help with your new building project in the Miami–Dade, FL, area? Perhaps you’re a homeowner exploring the possibility of boosting the insulation level in your home. Either way, Installed Building Products of Miami can help.

Our insulation company in Miami installs fiberglass and other types of insulation in homes and commercial buildings. Whether you need insulation for your home, attic, basement or commercial space, we can do it all.

Contact us to learn more about our fiberglass insulation company in Miami, Florida.

Our Fiberglass Insulation Is a Great Choice for Your Project

The use of fiberglass for building insulation dates back decades. It’s the most widely used and trusted insulation material today. Fiberglass is manufactured by spinning molten glass into extremely fine fibers.

About 20% to 30% of the content in fiberglass comes from recycled glass, making it an eco-friendly choice as well.

Not sure if fiberglass insulation is right for your residential or commercial project?

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Different Types of Fiberglass Insulation

fiberglass batt rolls insulating interior wallsYou can find fiberglass insulation in several different forms. What type of insulation is right for you? The answer lies in learning about the different types of fiberglass insulation.

At IBP of Miami, we install the following from Owens Corning:

  • Batt fiberglass: Pre-cut panels of fiberglass insulation are called batts. These are available with or without facings in various widths for use in unfinished walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Blanket fiberglass: Blankets are similar to batts, but they come in long rolls you can trim by hand to fit any required length. Choose from faced or unfaced versions for different applications. As with batts, fiberglass blankets are often best suited for new construction projects.
  • Blown-in fiberglass: Whether you want to add insulation to an unfinished attic floor or you’re hoping to boost insulation in a finished wall, blown-in fiberglass is an excellent choice. Specialized equipment is needed to blow the fibers into place, so make sure you hire a professional.

Contact our insulation company in Miami today to learn more and get started.

How Fiberglass Insulation Can Benefit Your Home

No matter what type of fiberglass insulation you choose for your home or business, you can expect to enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Improved indoor comfort in all seasons
  • Boosted performance from heating and cooling equipment
  • Longer HVAC system life
  • Lower energy bills year-round
  • Less noise transference for a more peaceful interior
  • Smaller carbon footprint for a healthier environment

Fiberglass Insulation for New Construction Projects

One of the best ways to ensure the new home or commercial space you’re building is energy-efficient from day one is to install adequate insulation in the walls, attic, foundation, basement and crawl space.

Choose IBP of Miami to install fiberglass insulation in new homes and commercial buildings across Miami–Dade and surrounding Florida areas.

Contact our fiberglass insulation company in Miami today. Call (305) 929-8657 to schedule service.

Our Expert Fiberglass Insulation Installers

The team at IBP of Miami has years of experience installing fiberglass insulation. Let us help with your project, whether you’re a contractor working on a new building project or a homeowner hoping to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home.

We’ll make sure you enjoy all the benefits of fiberglass insulation by performing an expert installation.

To learn more about our fiberglass insulation services in Miami or start your project, contact IBP of Miami today.

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